Italian Lamb Casserole – A traditional lamb recipe from Abruzzo

Feb 4, 2015
Italian Lamb Casserole Recipe

Agnello cacio e’ove con piselli

This is an ancient Abruzzese dish with Greek origins. It was probably imported by the shepherds who, in winter, traveled with their herds to the warmer regions of the south of Italy which were part of Magna Grecia, today the regions of Puglia and Calabria. A version of this dish is also found in recipes from Puglia. It is always eaten at Easter and my nonna naturally had a brilliant version of it. I have added peas to the dish to add another dimension. 

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Italian Lamb Casserole Ingredients for 4 people

2tbs of extra virgin olive oil
1 white onion finely chopped
2 to 3 garlic cloves finely chopped
2 sprigs of rosemary
2 bay leaves
1 kg of lamb shoulder or leg cut in 2 to 3 cm pieces, ask the butcher to debone and cut the lamb for you
4 large eggs
Juice of 1/2 lemon
300 gr of grated Italian Pecorino cheese
200 ml dry white wine (preferably Trebbiano d’Abruzzo)
300 gr frozen peas, defrosted
Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Italian Lamb Casserole Cooking Method

Heat olive oil in a heavy based casserole dish, gently sauté the onion and garlic until soft and translucent.
Add the lamb pieces, the rosemary and bay leaves and cook on lively heat until the meat is browned all over. Add the white wine, allow the wine to evaporate and turn heat down to a simmer and cook until lamb is tender and the juices have been absorbed, about an hour. You may need to add some water (or stock) to the pan if too dry.
Add the defrosted peas and season with salt and pepper, stir the peas into the casserole and add a little more water if needed, allow the peas to blend with the meat.
Beat the eggs together with the lemon juice, add the grated pecorino cheese and chopped parsley.
Pour the egg mixture over the lamb casserole and continue to cook on very low heat for another 10 minutes, until the egg mixture is creamy.
Allow the dish to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.



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