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Alf in Italy – The Eremo of San Bartolomeo in Legio

Our friend Sandro is a mountain guide. He is taking me to visit a saint’s hermitage in the foothills of Maiella, the montagna madre of Abruzzo, where you are never far from wild, remote and often mysterious places. This is one of the ways Abruzzo differs from the more visited regions of Italy. The largest…
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Alf in Italy – La Spiaggia – Part 2

It’s only a short drive to the beach along the Strada Provincale 30, a narrow, sinuous, twisting, road that mostly follows the ridge before dipping into a valley before heading toward the sea. There is a common stereotype of Italians as would be Formula One drivers with only scant respect for road laws. A mayor…
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Pomodorini confit (Slow cooked baby tomatoes)

Pomodorini confit (Slow cooked baby tomatoes) There are hundreds of ways to use these tomatoes. Italian chefs use confit tomatoes to accompany pasta dishes or as garnish for many main courses. It is a modern way of preparing tomatoes, not many nonnas would have prepared them this way. My recipe is inspired by a friend…
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Alf in Italy – Lunch at il Vecchio Forno – Barletta

Rubbing the foot of the Colosso di Barletta certainly brought us luck. Of course luck does not just happen; it needs to be encouraged to happen. This day in Barletta it is Paola’s friend Beppe who encourages fortune to surprise and delight us. He has arranged lunch for us at Vecchio Forno, a restaurant specialising…
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