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Pumpkin Soup with stracciatella and cime di rapa

Vellutata di zucca, stracciatella e cime di rapa I first tried stracciatella on a holiday to Italy when friends from Puglia arrived laden with fresh mozzarella cheeses, burrata and stracciatella – all soft curd cheeses which are originally from Puglia. I fell in love with all of them and also loved the versatility of stracciatella,…
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Alf in Italy – Foraging in Abruzzo

Italy has a long tradition of producing great cars . Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and so on. Beautifully designed high performance vehicles that make you smile as they pass. They are so wonderful that they could be described as art on wheels. As well as these dream machines, Italy is also responsible for the…
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Alf in Italy – Cupello Artichoke Festival

Spring in Italy this year was unseasonably cool with quite changeable weather. The weather in May was so unusual that the Month was christened Maggio Pazzo, Mad May.  On a cool damp April night in this crazy spring, what is the best thing to do: stay at home, pour a warming glass of local red wine and…
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Alf in Italy – Italia Profondomente

  I am just off the plane and about to enter Italia profondomente, the very depths of Italy, full strength Italy far from the showpieces and well recognised stereotypes and remote from attractively packaged, polished Italy Lite. I like to apply  the idea of La France Profonde to Italy. This is the idea of deep,…
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