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Celebrating the Tomato with a Mini Burrata Sandwich

Mar 25, 2015

La Cucina Di Sandra A Hit at Food Festivals with That’s Amore Cheese

Written by David Hagger on 15 March 2015. Posted in Gourmet News

La Cucina Di Sandra, the fabulous Italian cooking school from Richmond has proved a smash hit at recent food festivals in Melbourne, teaming with iconic That’s Amore CheeseSandra Del Greco the Chef and driving force behind La Cucina Di Sandra has produced a winning dish of “Mini Burrata sandwiches” that has resulted in long lines and hundreds of the dishes prepared being sold out. At La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School in Richmond, you can book into a class, or grab a group of 6 or 8 and learn how to make amazing Italian dishes in their home, like the Mini Burrata sandwiches.


At the recent Melbourne Tomato Festival in Melbourne, That’s Amore Cheese asked La Cucina Di Sandra to supply a dish for the Festival. The demand was amazing. By 2.20pm the Mini Burrata sandwiches were sold out but foodies kept coming back asking for more. The inaugural Melbourne Tomato Festival attracted a sold out 2400 people to celebrate the staple of the Italian diet. 


Here is Sandra (above) with the team from That’s Amore at the Melbourne Tomato Festival…



Fromage A Trois in Werribee Park, the line for That’s Amore dishes was the longest line at the Festival. The World Loves Melbourne noticed at the Festival that people are prepared to spend 30-45 minutes in a line if the product is great… Especially classic Italian dishes! Sandra’s Italian offerings are unique using the best quality ingredients, creative flair from years of specialty Italian cooking, and freshness. While the dishes were selling fast, Sandra was out the back making new fresh batches. In other words, unlike some, this was not pre prepared food, but made fresh “on site” during the day.













Sandra from La Cucina di Sandra Cooking School has agreed to share the recipe with The World Loves Melbourne:

Mini Burrata and Tomato Sandwiches
Ingredients for 4 People:

8 That’s Amore Cheese Fiore di Burrata (available at La Latteria)
50gr anchovies preserved in olive oil
50gr pine nuts
30ml red wine vinegar
200gr breadcrumbs made from day old bread, coarsely crumbled in a food processor
200gr rocket leaves
200gr multi coloured pomodorini (red, yellow, orange and black)
Finely grated zest of one lemon
100ml extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Bring the mini burratas to room temperature. Once at room temperature, dry them with some paper towel and rub a little extra virgin olive oil around each one.
Toast the coarse breadcrumbs in a fry pan and when gold, add a little extra virgin olive oil and combine with the lemon zest. Cool and reserve.
Once the breadcrumbs are cold, dip each burrata in the breadcrumbs mixture.
Cut the mini burratas in half and gently push each half with your thumb to create a small hollow.
Combine the anchovies, the pine nuts, the vinegar and the olive oil and whiz with a stick blender to create a smooth cream.
Dress the rocket with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.
Slice the pomodorini in thin slices.
Spread the anchovy cream on each side of the mini burratas. Top with a few slices of pomodorini in different colours. Close each half to create a sandwich.
You may want to secure each sandwich with a finger food toothpick. You may need to add a few more breadcrumbs on top of each sandwich.
Serve the stuffed burratas on a few rocket leaves. Serve 2 per person as an entree or one per person as finger food.


La Cucina Di Sandra is the masterstroke of Melbourne foodie Sandra Del Greco who has pursued her love of Italian cooking after being schooled in cooking in Melbourne and honing her skills on regular trips to Italy, spending time in her Zia’s kitchen. Sandra has collected hundreds of Italian recipes from family and friends in Italy, as well as growing her collection of cookbooks. Born in Italy in Pescara, Abruzzo and raised among women who loved to cook Italian food for their families, Sandra developed a love for Italian food from an early age. Sandra also spent many years as a successful accountant and administrator in business.

After recently opening La Cucina Di Sandra in Richmond Sandra has received a great response from Melburnians passionate about Italian cooking, or keen to enjoy a great Italian meal. Customers have given the cooking school rave reviews. The cooking school offers a fabulous selection of classes with bookings available online through the website. Recently La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School was awarded the prestigious AGFG Readers Choice Award 2015.

La Cucina Di Sandra is held in Sandra’s spacious home, an iconic ex-factory in Richmond that has been reimagined into a stylish kitchen area and living space. Guests can enjoy the rustic and spacious feel, and engage with the compelling personality of Sandra and her passion for Italian cooking. Demonstrations take place over 4 hours and evoke the feeling of an Italian holiday, with Sandra’s passionate and interactive cooking style, down to earth tips and advice on how to cook brilliant Italian food as the back drop.


Melbourne sensation in a relatively short time.

Traditional techniques are used to create Italian style hand stretched soft curd cheeses. Locally sourced milk is used in their process with animal free rennet. There are no shortcuts, and the hand made cheeses are the work of true artisans. The history is impressive. In 2004 Giorgio Linguanti arrived in Melbourne and immersed himself into the Melbourne foodie culture. In only four years this young Sicilian went from not speaking a word of English to opening his own cheese shop and winning an award at the Royal Melbourne Show and has won numerous awards since.


Giorgio grew up in Italy and before migrating to Australia, his career was in advertising. We know many advertisers who consume vast amounts of cheese. According to the That’s Amore website, during the two years prior to coming to Australia he worked in a small shop selling regional food products typical of the Aeolian Islands (off the north-east coast of Sicilia), which included particular capers organic jams and tuna in oil. This sparked his interest in food. It was August 2004 when Giorgio migrated to Melbourne without a word of English and got a job in a cheese factory where his interest and passion for making cheese ignited.

After his experience in two different cheese factories, Giorgio started his own business ‘That’s Amore Cheese’, in 2008. He began with just one product – bocconcini leaf, which was a huge hit with the Italian Restaurants. Before long he was also making burrata and smoked scarmorza. Chef’s admired his artisan skills in handmade cheeses and were very excited by his products.

To book a cooking class at La Cucina Di Sandra, visit the website



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