Pomodorini Confit Tomatoes (Slow cooked baby tomatoes)

Dec 2, 2016
Pomodorini confit tomatoes

Pomodorini confit (Slow cooked baby tomatoes)

There are hundreds of ways to use these tomatoes. Italian chefs use confit tomatoes to accompany pasta dishes or as garnish for many main courses. It is a modern way of preparing tomatoes, not many nonnas would have prepared them this way. My recipe is inspired by a friend who prepared these for a Christmas lunch more than 20 years ago; they were so beautiful I never forgot them. I now use this recipe every summer when the cherry tomatoes are beautifully ripe and sweet. They are so versatile I try to have some in fridge all the time.

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Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 90 minutes + cooling
Makes: 4 servings as a side dish

Pomodorini Confit Ingredients list

Note the ingredients are for one normal sized oven tray.

• One red and one yellow punnet of cherry tomatoes, buy small baby Romas tomatoes or any other type of baby tomatoes as ripe as possible
• Salt, pepper, castor sugar
• The grated rind of one large lemon
• A handful of sprigs of fresh thyme to sprinkle on top of the cherry tomatoes
• Extra virgin olive oil


Pomodorini Confit Cooking Method

• Warm the oven to 100° fan forced
• Slice the pomodorini in half and place them on baking paper lined oven tray, skin side down.
• Sprinkle the pomodorini with a little castor sugar, salt and pepper, the grated zest of the lemon and drizzle generously with extra virgin olive oil.
• Finish with a sprinkle of thyme leaves


• Bake in the oven for one and half hours, remove from the oven and cool and set aside.
• Transfer to a serving plate and top with the cooking juices, squeeze the baking paper to extract all the cooking juices.

You can use these tomatoes as a side dish to a light lunch or to any barbequed meat dinner.
You can also store them in the fridge in a glass jar, totally covered with extra virgin olive oil. They will keep in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.


Bring them back to room temperature before serving; they are beautiful in panini or on top of bruschetta as an appetizer.
They can also be used to garnish any pasta dish where tomatoes complement the sauce.


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