La cucina Napoletana


La cucina Napoletana

The ingredients often associated with Italian food around the world can be found in this part of Italy at their formidable peak. The volcanic soil gives incredible flavour to all the fruits and vegetables of this Region. When the available ingredients are so outstanding, the best thing one can do is respect them and this is why the food of Naples is simplicity in itself but special foods for special occasions are also part of the Neapolitan’s love for elaborate dishes and pomp.
We explore how to best adapt our produce to cook dishes that are just as delicious as if you were in Naples!

Location: 62 Lyndhurst Street, Richmond, 3121
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What are my classes about?
  • Classes are interactive demonstrations, held at my home in Richmond
  • I cater for a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8 people
  • You will be welcomed into my home to enjoy a three course meal with a complimentary glass of wine, plus finger food before the meal
  • Informal and highly entertaining, you will see each course prepared, cooked and then served at the dining table


How do I book?
  • If you wish to book any of my classes please email
    [email protected]
    or you can call me on 0419 503 805 or 03 9421 1883
  • Parking is available in Lyndhurst Street and also in Shaw St in Richmond, where there are no parking restrictions



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