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La cucina di Roma e il Lazio

  La cucina di Roma e il Lazio They say that Rome being the capital has no distinctive cuisine of its own; but you would not be able to say that to a true Roman. Rome has preserved its traditional cuisine in its home kitchens and trattorias. Rome the province has a wealth of vegetables…
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La cucina Napoletana

  La cucina Napoletana The ingredients often associated with Italian food around the world can be found in this part of Italy at their formidable peak. The volcanic soil gives incredible flavour to all the fruits and vegetables of this Region. When the available ingredients are so outstanding, the best thing one can do is…
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La cucina Siciliana

La cucina Siciliana With influences from all of its invaders, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Spanish, the Normans and the French, Sicilian food has its own unique place in Italian cuisine. From the earliest times there has been a distinction in the food of the rich and the food of the poor. Influenced by its…
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La cucina Toscana

  La cucina Toscana With its wooded rolling green hills, perfect Renaissance cities and some of the greatest art in the world, Tuscany has been attracting hordes of tourists since the days of the Grand Tour. The cooking of Tuscany has as much interest as its famed tourist attractions. Known as the “mangiafaglioli” (bean eaters)…
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