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Pomodorini Confit Tomatoes (Slow cooked baby tomatoes)

Pomodorini confit (Slow cooked baby tomatoes) There are hundreds of ways to use these tomatoes. Italian chefs use confit tomatoes to accompany pasta dishes or as garnish for many main courses. It is a modern way of preparing tomatoes, not many nonnas would have prepared them this way. My recipe is inspired by a friend…
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Stuffed Sardines A Beccafico

Sarde a Beccafico Recipe This is an extremely popular sardine dish in Sicily with variations to the cooking method and the stuffing. The dish is named in homage to the “beccafico” a small migratory and fig eating bird so the story goes. Becca means peck and fico, fig. The stuffed sardines resemble a beccafico bird.…
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Alf in Italy, Ferragosto in San Vito

  I’m sitting at my desk on a chilly, damp Melbourne June morning. The last flowers clinging to the branches of the Bougainvillea are a reminder of a distant summer. Rain is slowly dripping off the leaves of the bay tree joining the few forlorn geranium petals that have been blown onto the terracotta tiles on our…
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