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Alf in Italy – Arches, tortellini and skinned men

Just as I turn away from the Fontana del Nettuno and head towards Piazza Maggiore to join Sandra for coffee, I see a trio of musicians busking in the shade of the fountain. They are playing jazz and gathering a small crowd who are swaying, tapping or softly clapping to the music. There’s a jazz…
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Alf in Italy – Strolling around Bologna

Walking around Bologna there are many wonders that capture the attention of the visitor. Some because they are impressive in size or historically significant or a great artistic achievement and some because the observant traveller momentarily glances in just the right direction and glimpses something intriguing or witnesses quirky examples of human behaviour. Here I…
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Alf in Italy – Bologna – Lambrusco, Salumi and Pigeons

We have just arrived in Bologna after a relaxing trip on the Freccia Bianca train from Pescara. We are here because we are easily influenced by television. We had watched Italy Unpacked, the program about art and food in Italy with art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli travelling through the north of Italy.…
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