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Rosemary, olive oil and spelt cake

Ciambella di farro, olio d’oliva e rosmarino   I grew up in family where sweets, cakes and desserts were a very rare occurrence. My nonna and zia did not make cakes very often and for special occasions my mother would dispatch my father to buy a tray of delicious pastries at the “Pasticceria”. We all…
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Orange Ricotta Cake With Saffron

Ciambella di ricotta con agrumi e zafferano I never thought I would enjoy making cakes! My aunt made cakes using ricotta, an ingredient widely used in cake making in Italian recipes. The story of this cake is really about how easy it is to make, no more than 15   minutes. When I started I was…
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Ricotta and strawberry cake

Ciambella di ricotta e fragole I have always found baking cakes an art I was not particularly interested in. I was always more interested in savoury dishes but the discovery of excellent local ricotta and the fact that many Italian cakes include it instead of butter have  inspired me to start baking. After a few initial…
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