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Rosemary, olive oil and spelt cake

Ciambella di farro, olio d’oliva e rosmarino   I grew up in family where sweets, cakes and desserts were a very rare occurrence. My nonna and zia did not make cakes very often and for special occasions my mother would dispatch my father to buy a tray of delicious pastries at the “Pasticceria”. We all…
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Stuffed Sardines A Beccafico

Sarde a Beccafico Recipe This is an extremely popular sardine dish in Sicily with variations to the cooking method and the stuffing. The dish is named in homage to the “beccafico” a small migratory and fig eating bird so the story goes. Becca means peck and fico, fig. The stuffed sardines resemble a beccafico bird.…
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Savory ricotta cake with zucchini and quail eggs

Ciambella salata con ricotta, zucchine e uva di quaglia Shopping for fresh produce at markets and at specialty stores is a constant source of inspiration when cooking and developing recipes for my classes and my blog. Recently I visited the newly built factory of That’s Amore Cheese, the people behind some of the best fresh…
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