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Alf in Italy – Lunch at il Vecchio Forno – Barletta

Rubbing the foot of the Colosso di Barletta certainly brought us luck. Of course luck does not just happen; it needs to be encouraged to happen. This day in Barletta it is Paola’s friend Beppe who encourages fortune to surprise and delight us. He has arranged lunch for us at Vecchio Forno, a restaurant specialising…
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Alf in Italy – A day in Puglia – Barletta and Trani

We are driving over the coastal plain of Puglia towards Barletta. To make the most of just one day in Puglia we set out early but the trip is drawn out as Paola who is following us keeps stopping because her car has some sort of internal combustion engine disease. She is now far behind…
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Gragnano pasta (paccheri) with octopus ragu’

Pasta di Gragnano (paccheri) al ragu’ di polpo As a cook nothing pleases me more than the challenge of recreating a dish I enjoyed in a restaurant. It sometimes takes me years of tests and research to develop the recipe, I am happy to serve my family and friends.  When I am finally satisfied I…
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