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Prosciutto and olives savoury cake

Torta alle olive e prosciutto Italian cooks are renowned for their ingenuity born out of necessity. In an Italian kitchen nothing should ever be thrown away. A good Italian cook should be able to recycle everything in the kitchen and prepare delicious fare with leftovers and those parts of the produce most people would dispose…
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Alf in Italy – Bologna – Lambrusco, Salumi and Pigeons

We have just arrived in Bologna after a relaxing trip on the Freccia Bianca train from Pescara. We are here because we are easily influenced by television. We had watched Italy Unpacked, the program about art and food in Italy with art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli travelling through the north of Italy.…
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Alf in Italy, Ferragosto in San Vito

  I’m sitting at my desk on a chilly, damp Melbourne June morning. The last flowers clinging to the branches of the Bougainvillea are a reminder of a distant summer. Rain is slowly dripping off the leaves of the bay tree joining the few forlorn geranium petals that have been blown onto the terracotta tiles on our…
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