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Cassata Siciliana Recipe (With Mini Pandoro)

Cassata Siciliana di Natale con Pandorini This is an extremely simple dessert to make at Christmas time. Inspired by the quality of the ricotta now available in Melbourne, I could not think of anything better to do than have a miniature Christmas tree as a gorgeous and not too sweet, not too heavy dessert to have on Christmas day. For…
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Stuffed Sardines A Beccafico

Sarde a Beccafico Recipe This is an extremely popular sardine dish in Sicily with variations to the cooking method and the stuffing. The dish is named in homage to the “beccafico” a small migratory and fig eating bird so the story goes. Becca means peck and fico, fig. The stuffed sardines resemble a beccafico bird.…
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