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Alf in Italy – La Spiaggia – Part 2

It’s only a short drive to the beach along the Strada Provincale 30, a narrow, sinuous, twisting, road that mostly follows the ridge before dipping into a valley before heading toward the sea. There is a common stereotype of Italians as would be Formula One drivers with only scant respect for road laws. A mayor…
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Alf in Italy – Strolling around Bologna

Walking around Bologna there are many wonders that capture the attention of the visitor. Some because they are impressive in size or historically significant or a great artistic achievement and some because the observant traveller momentarily glances in just the right direction and glimpses something intriguing or witnesses quirky examples of human behaviour. Here I…
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Alf in Italy, Piazzetta San Simeone, Rome – Part 2 – the Tourists

Via Dei Coronari leads from above Piazza Navona to the bridges that cross the Tiber to the Vatican. In Medieval times the street was part of a pilgrim route lined with rosary sellers. Because of its position the street is a thoroughfare for that ubiquitous group of modern pilgrims, tourists. Intermingled with the entertainments staged…
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